In the Works: New Fiction from Patti Grayson

JANUARY 03, 2023

Turnstone Press is pleased to announce the upcoming Fall 2023 release of Patti Grayson's newest novel, The Twistical Nature of Spoons.

For her entire childhood, Blisse has guarded the family secret of the origin of her unconventional birthday gifts.  Her mother, Ina, has insisted that Blisse never tell a soul – believing it’s the only way to keep her daughter safe from a dire fate.  Mother and daughter must sift through their own versions of events to understand how the secret has led to the unravelling of their lives.  Chock-full of masks and curses, art and magic, seduction and spoons, their stories are both fraught with misdirection and awash in whimsy. Can their revelations negate a tragic prediction?  Or is the dissolution of love and family inevitable?      

Patti Grayson is the author of two award-nominated novels and one award-nominated short fiction collection. Her debut novel, Autumn, One Spring, was translated into German and was a popular book club selection. She lives and writes from the prairies. The Twistical Nature of Spoons will be her fourth book.

Established in 1976, Turnstone Press publishes some of the most exciting and innovative poetry, fiction, and nonfiction in Canada. In 1998, Turnstone Press launched its genre imprint, Ravenstone, publishing mysteries, thrillers, cli-fi, and speculative fiction.

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