Randy Craig's New Year Resolutions

 Amateur sleuth Randy Craig loves lists. Ever wonder what her new year resolutions might be?


My uncle Rod used to smirk and say he was going to “quit cracking coconuts with his teeth” whenever anyone asked him what his New Year’s resolutions were going to be. I know he was trying to teach us kids that this sort of arbitrary choice of something to change was doomed to fail. Either that or he’d been given a talking to from his dentist.

Resolutions are so problematic. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for people wanting to improve themselves. The thing is, people change when they need to change – either they hit bottom, or they find the only path forward is to make the necessary adjustments. People make resolutions, which is a far different thing, when they’ve just glutted on several glossy magazines and don’t have the budget to get a drastic hair cut. Or when they find themselves at loose ends or at the losing end of a relationship. Or, of course, when it’s January 1st.

When it comes to lists, there is very little I can do to refuse. Lists define me, they calm me, they guide me and they keep me from biting my nails. (I put that one on my resolutions list in 1995.) So here you go, folks… Randy Craig’s Resolutions for 2014. What are yours?

  1. Limit caffeine (this shouldn’t be too hard since Java Jive has closed)
  2. Keep better track of tax receipts (don’t lose bus pass receipts!)
  3. Stay out of Steve’s way when he’s working (and more so out of Keller’s)
  4. Write more snail mail (keep Canada Post in business!)
  5. Learn “Try to Remember” on the banjo (combining love of Broadway and bluegrass)
  6. Check the value of my box of Illustrated Classic Comics my mom saved for me
  7. Memorize “When in disgrace with fortune and men’s eyes”
  8. Attend the homecoming for my graduating year (wonder if Leo will be there?)
  9. Learn Spanish (Steve said something about a hot holiday—Mexico?)
  10. Don’t make so many lists (oh come on…you have to have at least one you can break right away!)

Happy New Year, everyone!



(& Janice MacDonald, of course!)

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Janice MacDonald is the author of 10 books including the ever-popular Randy Craig mystery series. Each time a new installment is released it is sure to make its way onto the Canadian bestseller lists.

Having written her master’s thesis on detective fiction, Janice is considered an expert in the field. She has been a mystery book reviewer for the Edmonton Journal, The Mystery Review, PrairieBooks Now, and Booked TV as well as an expert panelist for many festivals and conferences and is a former instructor at the University of Alberta and Grant MacEwan College, teaching English literature, communications, play analysis, creative writing, and extension courses in detective fiction.

She currently lives and writes in Edmonton.

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