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Queen of Diamonds by Catherine Hunter

Queen of Diamonds

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In Catherine Hunter's fourth thriller novel, some of Winnipeg's best psychics are turnign up dead.

Lorelei Good has a gift: she can relay messages from the afterlife, helping the bereaved speak with their departed loved ones. Of course, Lorelei's successful seances hinge on the talents of her little sister, Nixie "Nobody", who has a gift for creative dirt digging on Lorelei's desparate, and often wealthy, clientele.

Lorelei is convinced that millionaire philanthropist and grieving widower Waverly Forbes is the perfect client to set her and Nixie up for life. She's working hard to convince Forbes to fund her "PsyRen Foundation," an idyllic rural center for psychic research. But just as Lorelei is getting close to closing the perfect trap, a competing psychic is found dead. And the sisters' own dark past returns to haunt them.


Queen of Diamonds is no thin imitation, but an excellent psychological suspense novel with plenty of great characters and a terrific, tight plot.

Margaret Cannon, The Globe and Mail

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