Winnipeg, May 5, 2015—Come Fall 2016, Ravenstone, an imprint of Turnstone Press, looks back to the war years in Alberta with Wayne Arthurson’s brand new mystery series Camp 133.

Set during World War ll, The Traitors of Camp 133 is the first in a series of mystery novels set in the southern Alberta German prisoner of war camps. The series’ main character, Sergeant August Neumann, is a veteran of the First World War who served as a village policeman between the wars.  A hero of the Great War, In the late 30s, Neumann re-enlisted.

Because of his background as a policeman, Neumann is Camp 133’s head of civil security, a beat cop of sorts investigating small-time camp crimes.

The Traitors of Camp 133 begins in July of 1944, not long after the Normandy invasion. Captain Mueller, a former tank officer teaching in the camp’s education system is found dead. Neumann investigates this apparent suicide only to discover it is murder. During the investigation, Neumann navigates the political and social intricacies of the camp, strives to learn the truth behind Mueller’s death, bring justice to those responsible, and avoid being labeled as a traitor in the process.

“I was doing completely unrelated research for a history on Alberta weekly newspapers when I stumbled upon some scant information on the POW camps in the Lethbridge and Medicine Hat area,” says Wayne Arthurson. “I had heard about these camps before, but it suddenly struck a chord, and I dove headlong into this mystery series. The opportunity to explore the inner workings of historical enemies and bring some sense of humanity to them was irresistible.”

Wayne Arthurson is the son of a French Canadian mother and a Cree father. He has been a reporter, editor, semi-professional clown, punk rock drummer, reality show participant, and novelist. He has 10 previously published books including the Leo Desroches mystery series Fall from Grace and A Killing Winter. Fall from Grace won the 2012 Alberta Readers’ Choice Award.


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