An Unexpected Break in the Weather

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WINNER: Margaret Laurence Award for Fiction
After fifty years together, Gertrude and Mildred are facing some serious life changes. The bridal shop they own, A Rose on Corydon, has been a meeting place for their small community of friends and customers, with whom they have long shared joys and sorrows, worries, and triumphs. Unexpectedly, a series of events threatens the foundation of the life they have made together and tests their relationship in new ways. Mildred’s 73-year-old hip is no match for an icy sidewalk, and long-time friend Wordie stares cancer in the face. Thirteen-year-old Arlie, aged beyond her tender years by the same illness, is a stalwart support, as is the thrice-married Perfume, on her way down a fourth aisle to eternal happiness—holding, perhaps, the key that makes the changes more bearable. This poetic and graceful novel explores the secrets and promises sustained by a love affair whose dimensions render speechless the most experienced of lovers.
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Winner: Margaret Laurence Award for Fiction

"This luminous literary novel will delight those who treasure word play, want a Winnipeg fix and yearn for interesting and complex stories. Just as Mordecai Richler did with St. Urbain Street in Montreal, University of Winnipeg English professor Deborah Schnitzer brings life and story to our own Corydon Avenue."
- Adelia Neufeld Wiens, The Winnipeg Free Press

"Throughout the novel, you will connect with the characters and at least one of them will remind you of someone you know.  The lyrical and inventive language used is easy to comprehend and captivating."
- Jennifer Wrobel, Outwords

Suggested Book Club Questions for An Unexpected Break in the Weather

  1. In what way do parent-child relationships break, transcend, and reinforce conventional norms?
  2. What kind of geographies are at work to explore the idea and actuality of nests?
  3. What forms of illness and wellness circulate?  How do they intersect?
  4. How are conventional concepts of cure invoked and challenged?
  5. What roles do clothes play?
  6. What might be the significance of the aquarium in terms of its location and form?
  7. What does it take to stay? What does it take to leave?
  8. How are rituals and ceremonies inherited and redefined?
  9. Against the odds and because of them, what might last in this novel?

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Deborah Schnitzer

Educator, activist, editor, and writer, Deborah Schnitzer is the author of the novel, Gertrude Unmanageable, the long poem, Loving Gertrude Stein, as well as scholarly works and critical anthologies equally devoted to the unexpected. Her latest book, An Unexpected Break in the Weather, won the 2010 Margaret Laurence Award for Fiction. Schnitzer is a 3M Teaching Fellow in the English Department at the University of Winnipeg.

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