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Fear Not by Maurice Mierau

Fear Not

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Fear Not is lyrical, political, raunchy, blasphemous, and deeply engaged with ethical questions.

Winner of the 2009 Relit Award for Poetry

Inspired by the Gideon Bible's list of self-help topics each poem is arranged to play off poetic and Biblical forms.

Ranging in subject from suicide to divorce, unemployment to gratitude, Afghanistan to Gethsemane, Fear Not attempts consolation, all the while mocking its own failure to lessen human pain.

Mierau also surveys contemporary culture, skewering our intense involvement with pop phenomena such as America's Next Top Model and Britney Spears. He recalls the formal beauty of the Psalms with refrains that echo the debased commercial speech used to advertise iPods, Kahlua, and Cialis.

Winner of the 2009 Relit Award for Poetry
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