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I Still Don't Even Know You by Michelle Berry

I Still Don't Even Know You

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With control, wit, and brilliance, Michelle Berry explores the hidden depths between individuals, families, and communities.

Winner of the 2011 Mary Scorer Award for Best Book by a Manitoba Publisher

You could be married for over 10 years and still not know your spouse. You might think you know everything about your dad but still he surprises you at your mother’s death bed. You think you know everyone in your small town but you’ll never know the dark secret your drinking buddy hides in his heart.

Dysfunctional characters create tension in situations where they teeter on the edge of life. Psychological or situational twists pop readers’ eyes wide open and force them to pay attention. Berry uses rapid-fire dialogue to build tension and emotion. Despite the underlying dark tones, the stories carry life and hope, human kindness—and strangeness.

Each story is a vivid snapshot of a raw moment in the lives of people at a crossroads. A married couple in the title story, “I Still Don’t Even Know You,” question the foundation of their relationship during a winter getaway. In “The Cat,” a life of endless purgatory stretches before a newly-wed husband. The wives in “Five Old Crows,” contemplate ways to pass the time ranging from murder to writing. And the title character in “Martin” drives around a boring country town with a shotgun in his car, his dissatisfaction with his empty life mounting as townspeople talk about recent mysterious murders.

Advanced Praise

The stories in I still don't even know you are layered and full of exquisite surprises. Michelle Berry expertly details people you know, and people you hope you never will—but either way I still don't even know you is spectacular. Not to mention a while lot of fun.

Emily Schultz, author of Heaven is Small

You'll recognize Berry's characters right away because they live just down the street, at the intersection of everything you even wanted and what you really have.

Peter Darbyshire, author of Please and The Warhol Gang

Winner of the 2011 Mary Scorer Award for Best Book by a Manitoba Publisher

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