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What the Bear Said

ISBN 9780888013804
Base price with tax $19.00
Sales price $19.00
Sales price without tax $19.00

Legends for a "New" Iceland

A land of volcanoes, geothermal pools, and barren wilderness, Iceland is full of mists and mystery. For a thousand years, its inhabitants passed down oral histories that included fantastical fables as a way to understand their strange land. For settlers escaping starvation in the wake of volcanic eruptions and economic hardship, Manitoba's Interlake area held further mystery.



What We All Want

ISBN 9780888014337
Base price with tax: $19.00
Sales price: $19.00
Sales price without tax: $19.00

Michelle Berry’s brilliant first novel is as touching as it is mirthful. Witty and insightful, What We All Want shows just how beautiful and tragic family can be.


What You Get at Home

ISBN 9780888014047
Base price with tax: $19.00
Sales price: $19.00
Sales price without tax: $19.00

Full of longing and melancholy, the stories in What You Get at Home find comfort and understanding in the unlikeliest of places. With the power of memory the characters that inhabit What You Get at Home find the strength to carry on when life is at its most challenging.


Where the Winds Dwell

ISBN 9780888012548
Base price with tax: $18.95
Sales price: $18.95
Sales price without tax: $18.95

Where the Winds Dwell is a letter from a father to his daughter. It is Patricia’s inheritance; her family history, which takes root in Iceland, blossoms in North America, and spans more than a century. But a family myth is more than a shoebox of letters and papers.


Wittenbergs, The

ISBN 9780888014467
Base price with tax: $21.00
Sales price: $21.00
Sales price without tax: $21.00

Things are not well with the Wittenbergs. Alice has given birth to her second child with a genetic disorder. Only the oldest Wittenberg, the matriarch who holds the key to the family’s Mennonite past, can lead her family along the banks of the Dnieper and toward a better tomorrow.

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